A Personal and Organized Approach

My approach to college counseling begins with a free consultation where I get to know you, your academic background and transcript, interests, values, extracurricular activities, and the way you prefer to learn. We will discuss your thoughts about what you want to get out of college and colleges that are of interest to you.

Based on your needs, our time together could be focused on:

Organizing & Planning


Get Started With A Free Consultation

Set up a free consultation with Ann to see:

  • WHAT you can do right now to increase your chances of getting into several “best-fit” colleges of your choice
  • HOW you can approach college admission in an organized and efficient manner
  • HOW working with Ann will strengthen your college application package
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College Counseling

Personalized Approach

College admissions success is getting into schools that will provide you with a “best fit” experience that is academically and socially engaging and within your financial budget.

I can be a welcome resource for students and families that may need or want:

  • more individualized attention in order to reduce the anxiety and stress in the college selection and application process
  • a personalized review of the student’s academic strengths and interests in order to better articulate potential career and college major choices
  • the knowledge and skills of an experienced and highly-educated counseling professional, with a commitment to meet the student’s best interests
  • a complete search of appropriate colleges
  • a guide, interpreter and facilitator throughout the entire selection and application process, and
  • a neutral third party who can provide unbiased and ethical assistance.

Getting into and graduating from a “best fit” school will save you time, money and lots of frustration!