What factors do you consider most important in choosing a college and why? There are many questions to ask before selecting a “best fit” college. Relax –- together we can pursue and answer these questions in a thoughtful, organized and personal way.

The goal is getting you into a college that is academically and socially engaging and within your financial budget. With a combination of in-depth college search, thoughtful action plans, and winning applications, I can guide you through the college application process in a less stressful and more successful way.

I am an experienced counseling professional and member of the following college admissions counseling associations:
Educational Professionals Organizations

College Admission Mentoring

College Admissions and Affordability Counseling

Together, we can select college choices to match your academic, athletic and social interests and financial budget. After carefully targeting your college choices, we will develop a plan for your applications that highlight your strengths and how they match with each school. Learn more »

College Essay Editing Services

Essay Brainstorming

College application essays are meant to be a personal snapshot of who you are beyond your grades, test scores and extracurriculars. Let your character shine through a unique story. This takes work but it can be done with targeted brainstorming, good storytelling and careful editing. Learn more »

College Student Transfer Counseling

Transfer Student Counseling

Transfer students are presented with lots of opportunities to turn around a college choice that is not working for them. It is possible to minimize the stress and disruption of a transfer by objectively understanding your needs and organizing a thoughtful application and college visit plan. Learn more »

Contact Information

College Admissions Mentor
255 Forrester Way
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Phone: 201.398.8135

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